Mail Order Magic Mushroom Companies in Canada

mail order magic mushroom companies in canada

The world of understanding mental health is changing rapidly, and psychedelics are in the driver’s seat. 

With the introduction of the Parker Psychedelic Research Chair, the University of Calgary and Hotchkiss Brain Institute will lead the way in understanding how psychedelic therapies can improve one’s well-being. 

The creation of this Chair is no coincidence. Jim Parker, an Alumni, funded the project after seeing his niece’s PTSD symptoms improve with psychedelic therapy treatments. 

To fuel society’s thirst for innovation, psilocybin-based products have rapidly appeared in the Canadian marketplace.

Below is a list of the mail order magic mushroom companies in Canada where you can buy psilocybin products online, do note that these operators exist in a grey marketplace and are not licensed/legal businesses:

  1. Canada Mushrooms: Offering high-quality psilocybin, Canada Mushrooms sells organic lab-grade Psilocybe Cubensis. Their mushroom products include whole mushrooms, microdose capsules, and other psilocybin and psychedelic products.  **
  2. Dose Land: Dose Magic has products such as capsule microdoses, edibles, mushrooms, and merchandise. Their edibles include hot chocolate and tea. As a shopper, you have the option to chat with customer support. 
  3. Fantasy Shrooms:  Products sold by Fantasy Shrooms includes psilocybin-microdose capsules, magic mushrooms, and edibles. They sell other psychedelics as well, and there is a chat support system for shoppers. 
  4. Leafly Garden: At Leafly Garden, consumers have a solid variety of magic mushroom options to choose from. Strains include Cambodian, Brazilian, Mexican, Golden Teachers, Great White North, and B+. In addition, dried mushrooms, microdose capsules, and edibles (such as chocolate and cookies) are available. 
  5. Magic Mushrooms Dispensary: Boasting over 5000 five-star reviews and a notification badge every time someone purchases from them, Magic Mushrooms Dispensary encourages patrons to add to their cart. They sell a wide variety of whole mushrooms, capsules, and even starter packs.**
  6. Magic Mushies: Providing site visitors with a fun browsing experience, Magic Mushies has products that are strongly branded. In addition, they offer locally made jellies, nootropics, tinctures, microdose capsules, chocolate edibles, and party packs. 
  7. Mind Trek: On Mind Trek’s site, customers receive a clean, streamlined shopping experience that includes free two-day shipping, a complimentary eighth on $150 spent, and Shroom Rewards. Product selection varies from magic mushrooms, microdosing capsules, gummies, chocolate to wholesale. 
  8. Mungus Shrooms: This shop incentifies buyers to buy with discounts and promo codes. Goods include bulk shrooms, magic mushrooms, microdose capsules, shroom edibles, shroom teas, and distillate. 
  9. Nupep Shrooms: An easy-to-use, colorful site, Nupepshrooms supports patrons with a chat option and promo codes. In addition, they sell unique edibles (such as fuzzy peach gummies), bulk shrooms, and microdose capsules. 
  10. Organic Shroom Canada: A clean, well-presented site helps this seller to stand out. They retail similar products to other companies, but a key differentiating factor is that all the magic mushrooms are organic and grown in a controlled environment from locally sourced Canadian spores.**
  11. Origin Mushrooms: A direct and straight-to-the-point site, Origin Mushrooms allows patrons to navigate and shop efficiently. They sell edibles, dried mushrooms, and microdoses. 
  12. Pacific Shrooms: Greeted with a $30 offer when you visit the company’s homepage, Pacific Shrooms immediately hooks its visitor. They mostly sell dried mushrooms and edibles, but they entice buyers with a friend referral program. 
  13. Pure Cybin: A clean, crisp, and concise web storefront makes Pure Cybin a compelling pick. In addition, they offer psilocybin-based goods with specific purposes formulated by experts. Magic Mushroom choices include microdoses, gummies, chocolate, and distillate. 
  14. Shafaa: An online retailer that offers clear, distinct call-to-actions, people can easily find what they want on Shafaa’s website. They also bring magic mushroom seekers a sense of novelty with unique products (such as mushroom coffee pods). Furthermore, psychedelic mushroom beverages, capsule stacks, dried mushrooms, vegan fruit strips, gummies, edibles, and tinctures are all available. 
  15. Shroom Bros: Shroom Brothers brings their patrons a sense of ease with tight-seal bags that ensure freshness. Furthermore, they sell their products in a personable, accessible manner explaining how the business began. Products are comprised of microdose capsules, chocolates, teas, distillate, and magic mushrooms. 
  16. Shroom Dose: Shroom Dose specializes in psilocybin-based products from experienced cultivators. They attract buyers with multiple discounts, and they sell magic mushrooms, capsules, teas, and edibles. Clients can also choose from an assortment of specifically created bundles. 
  17. Shroom Garden: This unique site has teas, edibles, capsules, and magic mushrooms for purchase — but what sets Shroom Garden apart is its mystery bundles. They also have an immediate customer chat service. 
  18. Shroom Hub: Shroom Hub focuses on bettering the world through the mind-expanding qualities of psilocybin-based products. Customers can select mushrooms, edibles, microdoses, and teas. 
  19. Shrooms Delivery Canada: A clean and concise web page, Shrooms Delivery gives customers a sense of ease while shopping for microdoses, bulk mushrooms, edibles, and teas. Not to mention, they include one free tab of LSD with a large purchase. **
  20. Shroom World: The mushrooms sold on this site are Psilocybe Cubensis and 100% organic. Shroom World ships its psychedelic mushrooms in whole, edible, or capsule form.**
  21. Spores Lab: Shroom enthusiasts can purchase mushroom grow kits from Spores Lab. It’s a one-stop shop that sells a wide variety of growing supplies and equipment. 
  22. Stoned Ape Medicinals: This site offers the top three products we see on most Canadian online distribution sites (whole-dried mushrooms, microdose capsules, and edibles). But what sets Stoned Ape apart is that it donates a portion of all sales to MAPS.**
  23. The Fun Guys: A hub for education, The Fun Guys’ site has informative blogs and forums to assist customers. Their product offerings include dried shrooms, microdose capsules, tea, jellies, chocolate, and caramel. 
  24. The Three Amigos: To guarantee that only age-appropriate visitors hop on the store’s page, The Three Amigos have guests immediately confirm their ages. The clean layout allows patrons to choose from microdosing capsules, dried magic mushrooms, and edibles easily. To set them apart, they also have grow kits for purchase. 
  25. Think Mushrooms: Like other vendors, Think Mushrooms has a collection of dried mushrooms, edibles, teas, and microdoses. However, a product differentiator is the Intimate Value Pack and the option for customers to become vendors. 
  26. West Coast Supply: Primarily focused on cannabis, the selection of magic mushrooms is not as extensive as other retailers. But currently, West Coast Supply has edibles and capsules. 
  27. Zoomies Canada: As soon as a shopper visits this online store, they must verify their age. Once on the main page, customers are greeted with a sense of authority from Zoomie’s bold and concise layout. Up for purchase are edibles, capsules, and dried shrooms. 

Because the world of psychedelic mushrooms is continually evolving, so is this list. Feel free to check back for new additions and updates! 

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