Psychedelic Companies and Stocks in the United States and Canada Leading the Publicly Traded Market Charge

Complete List of Psychedelic Companies in the USA and Canada that are Publicly Traded with Stock Symbols

In an interview with Scientific American, Roland Griffiths (Director of the Johns Hopkins Center on Psychedelic and Consciousness Research) explains, 

“One of the remarkably interesting features of working with psychedelics is they’re likely to have transdiagnostic applicability.”

The world is undergoing an exciting revival in the interest of psychedelic companies — and it’s clear why. 

When correctly administered, psychedelics such as psilocybin offer an immense amount of health and wellness possibilities. As a result, researchers and doctors have begun cutting-edge studies to uncover unconventional and natural health solutions. These studies expect to successfully treat and reduce ailments such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.  

Below is a list of the publicly traded stocks and some private companies who might go public:

  1. Aion Therapeutic (CSE: AION): An international pharmaceutical company, Aion specializes in utilizing medicinal mushroom compounds and medicinal cannabis to create unique health therapeutics. 
  2. ATAI LIFE  SCIENCES (NASDAQ: ATAI): A biopharmaceutical company, Atai uses a decentralized platform to nurture and accelerate the evolution of effective mental health treatments. Their goal is to address the unmet needs of patients. 
  3. Awakn Life Sciences (NEO: AWAKN): A biotech company with clinical operations, Awakn researches, develops and delivers psychedelic medicine to treat addiction. This company’s team is comprised of scientists, chemists, and psychologists to build psychedelic drug therapies. 
  4. Beckley Psytech: Dedicated to helping patients who suffer from psychiatric and neurological disorders, Beckley Psytech is developing pharmaceutical medicines. The company will use psychedelic compounds and expand them into licensed pharmaceuticals. 
  5. Better Plant Sciences (CSE: PLNT): This company offers an assortment of highly efficient, plant-based products to promote optimal health. It is a vertically integrated company built up of a team whose experience allows for the acquisition, development, manufacturing, and distribution of products. 
  6. Bexson Biomedical: Bexson is creating non-opioid therapies for the management of chronic and acute pain. The company is utilizing a unique formulation of ketamine to control dosing while executing pain relief for patients.
  7. Braxia Scientific (CSE: BRAX): This company will create innovative psychedelic formulations to provide impactful health solutions. With a growing network of clinics, Braxia hopes to set a high standard of care for people who suffer from mental illnesses. 
  8. Bright Minds Biosciences (CSE: DRUG): Featured in Vice, Forbes, and Business Insider, Bright Minds has a team with decades of experience with the biology of the body’s serotonergic system. They use their scientific expertise to create and modify molecules to accentuate favourable therapeutic properties (while reducing the negative ones). 
  9. CaaMTech: CaaMTech will create and optimize psychedelic formulations and compounds through continued innovation and rigorous science. This company seeks to improve the overall health and happiness of all people. 
  10. CB Therapeutics: CB will bring tryptamine and cannabinoid therapeutics to the clinic and the market. The therapeutics will treat PTSD, opioid addiction, anxiety, pain, alcoholism and other mental challenges. 
  11. Compass Pathways (NASDAQ: CMPS): Compass is an innovative mental health care company dedicated to fast-tracking patient access to evidence-based mental health practices. Their first program will research how psilocybin can help people with treatment-resistant depression. 
  12. Cybin Corp (NEO: CYBN): Focused on advancing psychedelic therapeutics, Cybin will utilize exclusive drug discovery platforms, new drug delivery methods, and innovative formulations. In addition, they are focused on addressing mental health issues in a transformative way. Pairing psychedelic molecules with controllable delivery systems, they hope to improve health outcomes for patients. 
  13. Delix Therapeutics: Delix combines ancient psychedelic therapies with modern pharmaceutical tools. Through its research platform, Delix identified non-hallucinogenic versions of psychedelic compounds. These compounds offer favourable safety as well as therapeutic profiles. 
  14. Diamond Therapeutics: Diamond is developing Health Canada, FDA, and EMA-approved therapies for neuropsychiatric conditions. Starting with psilocybin-based medicines, the company hopes to deliver an improved impact than current treatments. 
  15. Earth Resonance: Earth Resonance aims to transform your life by bringing back the sacred use of plant medicine (such as natural psilocybe).  
  16. Ehave Inc (OTC: EHVVF): Creating technologies and partnerships, Ehave hopes to be a leader in the wellness industry. This company collects data on mental illnesses while researching new and promising health treatments. With a better understanding of stress, depression, and PTSD, Ehave will see how psychedelics can improve health. 
  17. Eleusis: Realizing the immense therapeutic potential of psychedelics, Eleusis will harness and transform them into medicines. 
  18. Entheon Biomedical (CSE: ENBI): Entheon will lead patients through psychedelic therapy with a focus on addiction. Their focus is on DMT to improve one’s life and to overcome addiction.
  19. Field Trip Health, Inc. (CSE: FTRP): With treatment programs designed based on traditional psychedelic practices and research, Field Trip combines modern and ancient knowledge. In addition, every treatment program fuses the use of psychedelic medicine and therapeutic integration. **
  20. Gilgamesh Pharmaceutical: A company that takes mental health seriously, Gilgamesh is a science-focused preclinical biotech firm. They have a strong focus on the development of innovative NCE’s (new chemical entities). Gilgamesh leverages intellectual property strategy, neuroscience, medicinal chemistry and drug development expertise. 
  21. HAVN Life Sciences (CSE: HAVN): HAVN Labs is building a supply chain of psychedelics for researchers. This company aspires to establish and standardize the future of modern medicine through research, formulation, and delivery of psychedelics. 
  22. Hollister Biosciences (CSE: HOLL): Hollister holds the vision to educate and share the benefits of cannabis and hemp while providing the best quality products.
  23. Lobe Sciences (CSE: LOBE): A life sciences company, Lobe Sciences, focuses on researching and advancing psychedelic medicines. In addition, they zone in on the clinical development of medicines and devices to better treat brain traumas and neurological disorders. 
  24. MagicMed Industries: Magic Med’s goal is to fully unlock psychedelic-based medicines’ potential to treat psychological and neurological indications. This company will focus on developing unique drug candidates (related structurally to classic psychedelics) and will improve them with pharmaceutical characteristics. 
  25. Mind Cure Health Inc. (CSE: MCUR): Combining technology and research, MINDCURE seeks to revolutionize the options for mental health treatment. They are identifying, innovating, and commercializing innovative methods to promote well-being through psychedelics.
  26. MindMed (NEO: MMED): Helping patients tap into the healing power of their minds, MindMed uses  Experiential Therapies and Psychedelic Inspired Medicines. They are pioneering therapeutic medicines with the use of psychedelics without the hallucinogenic side effects. 
  27. Mindset Pharma (CSE: MSET): Mindset Pharma will tap into the medical psychedelic market by developing medications and synthesis processes. The goal is to create psychedelic medicinals with increased efficacy and reduced toxicity. 
  28. Mydecine Innovations Group (CSE: MYCO): An emerging life sciences company, Mydecine is building a pipeline of psychedelic-assisted therapeutics, therapy protocols, and novel compounds. 
  29. M2BIO (OTC: WUHN): Positioning itself to become a significant presence in the CBD and psilocybin health and wellness sector, M2BIO’s mission is to advance botanical-based medications. It will utilize clinical research and best practices. 
  30. New Wave Holdings (CSE: SPOR): New Wave Holdings is an investment issuer that provides capital and support services to multiple emerging industries, including esports and psychadelics.
  31. Neonmind Biosciences (CSE: NEON): Diving in to explore the depths and healing possibilities of psilocybin, NeonMind seeks to treat obesity through a preclinical trial. 
  32. Numinous (TSXV: NUMI): Addressing mental health head-on, Numinus will harness the power of psychedelics. Both psilocybin and MDMA are in the process of being researched and approved to treat conditions like anxiety and addiction. 
  33. Octarine Bio: Because many neurological and psychological conditions are not adequately served, OCTARINE seeks to develop highly effective psychedelic therapeutics. 
  34. PharmaTher (CSE: PHRM): Focused on developing psychedelic pharmaceuticals for FDA approval, FocuPharma is in phase 2 of a clinical study with ketamine to better treat Parkinson’s Disease. 
  35. Psilera Bioscience: Inspired by DMT and nature, Psilera is a small biotech in the early stages of drug discovery and development. 
  36. Psygen: A company that believes psychedelics are the future of mental health, Psygen is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical psychedelic drug products for therapeutic application. 
  37. PsyBio Therapeutics (TSXV: PSYB): Discovering the next generation of targeted psychoactive medications, PsyBio seeks to employ targeted treatment. This company will develop psychoactive compounds to shift the mental health paradigm. 
  38. Red Light Holland (CSE: TRIP): Red Light Holland will offer recreational Truffles for use in the Netherlands. Not to mention, this company will potentially provide EU-GMP medical-grade truffles when the time is right.  
  39. Revive Therapeutics Ltd. (CSE: RVV): Revive will propel psilocybin-based therapeutics forward by taking advantage of regulatory incentives allowed by the FDA (such as Fast Track, Orphan Drug, and Breakthrough Therapy). 
  40. Roadman Investments Corp. (TSXV: LITT): A Canadian advisory firm and venture capital, Roadman Investment Corp. actively drives innovation. Its most notable strength is its proprietary research and connections to well-known experts in the psilocybin mushroom industry. 
  41. Silo Wellness (CSE: SILO): Featured on Forbes, the Washington Post, and Yahoo, Silo Wellness is a mushroom company centred on mind, body, and spirit. 
  42. Small Pharma Novamind (CSE: NM): Cedar Clinical Research specializes in psychedelic medicine, and it’s an expanding network of psychiatry clinics, research sites, healing, and therapeutic retreats. 
  43. Snap Brands: Pioneering voice technology in combination with access to the most cutting-edge natural, whole-food supplements on the market, Snap Brands leads the way into psilocybin exploration and legal usage. 
  44. Tactogen: Developing the next generation of mental health medicines, Tactogen will use psychedelics to change lives. 
  45. Tryp Therapeutics (CSE: TRYP): A pharmaceutical company focused on identifying and fully developing clinical-stage compounds, Tryp Therapeutics seeks to address diseases with unmet medical needs. 
  46. Universal Ibogaine: Universal Ibogaine will effectively treat addiction with the use of holistic, ibogaine-assisted psychotherapy. 
  47. Wake Network: Helping people transform themselves with psychedelic fungi therapy, Wake uses bioscience to discover breakthrough therapeutics.

This is a living and breathing list and will be updated ongoing week by week as new companies enter the market and shifts take place.

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